Evolving lifestyles of contact lens wearers in the 21st century place increasing demands on the performance of their lenses. In particular, frequent air travel, longer wearing expectations and computer use pose significant challenges to conventional designs and materials. End of day dryness, discomfort and disminished vision are typical symptoms.Wearers search for products that enhance comfort and vision, improve ocular health, and provide increased level of convenience to suit their demanding lifestyles. Satisfying wearers needs, along with those of practitioners, will only be achieved through continuous innovation in products and services.

clearlab® is committed to investing resources into developing innovative new products that meet evolving market requirements. The company’s engineers and scientists, together with leading clinical experts, successfully introduced the world’s first biocompatible daily disposable lens in 2004. This was the beginning of a new innovative product pipeline based on our AQUAGRIP™ technology and world renown biocompatible hioxifilcon A material. The wearing benefits of AQUAGRIP™ technology were also extended to wearers of frequent replacement lenses.

Truform Edge®

Our lenses with Truform Edge® technology are ultra-thin, with edges that glide on your eyes for superior comfort.

Our lenses are made to fit your eyes the way they are. Truform Edge® Technology is a comprehensive term that refers to our superior lens design and geometry.

Our lenses are ultra-thin, with edges that are designed to glide on your eyes, not annoy them. Truform Edge® Technology guarantees even thickness across the lens, delivering uncompromising optics and optimal lens movement. This was why in a recent double-blind study, 65% of test wearers considered clearlab®‘s products to be better than the leading brand.

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Discover the science behind the amazing water retention rate of Hioxifilcon A

20% of all contact lens wearers drop out every year. You don’t have to be one of them.

Hioxifilcon A is an advanced, naturally inspired GMA-HEMA copolymer that exhibits unsurpassed water retention abilities. At the end of the day, our hioxifilcon lenses retain 99% of their water content, even under extremely dry conditions.

To develop the perfect moisturizer for our lenses, we went back to Mother Nature for answers. AQUAGRIP™ Technology acts like the natural tear film on our eyes. Our scientists isolated a unique component to our tears known as mucin and modified its structure to multiply its water holding powers. Mucin is a naturally occurring glycoprotein in our tear fluid; it is the hydroxyl (OH) groups of mucin that actually bond to water. If traditional lenses only had one arm for holding onto water, imagine AQUAGRIP™ as two strong arms holding onto both ends of a water molecule. Like magnets, these arms allow the water molecule to attract more water molecules, recreating a stable tear film on the lens’ surface.

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Clearlab’s new contact lens contains Tri-Channel Technology to ensures the flow of essential substances such as oxygen, ocular nutrients and water through contact lenses. Tri-channel technology means that once tears are depleted of essential nutrients they can be freely pass through the lens and be exchanged with fresh tears. The tri-channel molecular transport system leads to a healthier contact lens wearing experience.

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Multi-Band Aspheric

Multi-Band Aspheric provides clear, crisp vision through advanced optical design.

The end product of unrelenting work by the world’s best lens designers, all of our lenses exhibit aberration correcting aspheric optics to optimize visual performance. Coupled with our advanced manufacturing system, our high definition technology provides the best visual experience that is available on the market today. Many lenses may fall short of the 20/20 vision that your doctor prescribes for you. Make sure you are getting the crisp, clear vision that you deserve by choosing Eyedia Brand contacts.

With Aspheric Optics, you get:

  • Optimized visual acuity across the entire power range
  • Improved contrast sensitivity, particularly during night time
  • Improved Depth of Focus for low levels of astigmatism

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